There’s a few things we learned about Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese on Wednesday after he dropped in for a chat with The Bunch.

1. He’s still floored at Premier Mark McGowan’s romping-in at the WA election.

“Yeah, every second person I’ve run into seems to have been elected to parliament,” he joked.

2. He has a personal target of 10 visits to WA every year.

“I’ve been here 8 times since Scott Morrison was last here,” Albanese dropped, shading that despite the Prime Minister arriving on Tuesday, hadn’t been to WA in 540 days.

3. He’s an actual DJ.

“Please say you’re MC Albo,” Clairsy said, to which Mr Albanese quick-as-a-whip replied, “I’m DJ Albo.”


4. Adding to that, he has a turntable in his office in Canberra – with a vinyl collection that blew The Bunch away.

“I’ve got Unknown Pleasures down there at the moment, you know, late in the afternoon…“

Hit PLAY to listen into the full chat…


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