It seems that a couple of Spudshed stores are trialling an IKEA-style layout.

Galati Group chief executive Frankie Galati told The Wanneroo Times that the changes were made last week and only partly due to COVID-19.

“The fruit and vegetable section of the store is typically a department in which customers weave in and around the produce displays, which can lead to congestion,” he said.

“We decided to trial a system in two of our stores where customers are encouraged to shop walking one-way through the aisles.

“This is already done in a number of stores around Australia and on a much larger basis at IKEA.”

Frankie added that the aisles have been widened to easily allow customers to pass each other as they move through the section.

It’s worth noting that the same one-way system has been successfully used at the indoor Bunbury Farmers Market for years. Just sayin’.