A lack of reporting has contributed to their being an ongoing issue with windscreen washers at busy intersections.

“The window washers are aggressive and they threatened me,” Ian Cahill told the Southern Gazette, saying that drivers needed to stop “feeding the habit”.

“There are up to a dozen kids stationed at these intersections and the general consensus is that women are terrified of what they might do… there’s a lack of reporting going on, people must report it,” he added.

It’s not a new problem with police regularly patrolling known hotspots of Great Eastern Highway and Graham Farmer Freeway, the traffic lights at Tonkin and Great Eastern highways and the intersection of Belgravia Street and Great Eastern Highway.

Other intersections include Roberts Road and Thomas Street (near Perth Modern School), the exit of the Graham Farmer Freeway at Cambridge and Thomas streets and Morley Drive and Wanneroo Road.

Belmont MLA Cassie Rowe said she often gets complaints particularly concerning the Great Eastern Highway/Tonkin Highway off-ramp.

“I take this matter seriously and advise them to report the actions to police on 131 444 as this activity is illegal and very dangerous for those who engage in it,” she said.


Cleaning windscreens at traffic lights in WA attracts a $50 fine.

Along with the additional 800 police announced in the recent budget, the WA government is again funding Operation Heat Shield this summer, providing a boost in policing hours and police on the beat to tackle anti-social behaviour.

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