Lisa was incredibly tactful when she brought up that house-hunting story to Premier Mark McGowan when he came into the studio on Thursday.

“A lot of people are buying houses at the moment…” she began, to which McGowan’s eyes rolled.

But she sort-of turned a different corner with the second part of her query: “but what are the rules with having a seat and where you live and that sort of thing?”

McGowan said that there weren’t any rules.

In short, members of parliament don’t have to live in the electorate they represented.

Thing is, McGowan does.

“I’ve lived in Rockingham for 30 years, so the vast majority of my life and I’ve represented the area for 24 [years].”


He explained that he and his family happened to be in the city after dropping their 18-year-old son off as “he had a few things on”.

“[We then] went for a drive, you know like you used to do with your parents?” he asked Clairsy & Lisa.

“Yeah, house porn,” Lisa said.

“Yes, that’s right, but no, it wasn’t called that,” McGowan laughed, “but we saw some [home open] signs so we went in and had a look at some houses.”

“But I didn’t realise it would be a press thing; I stopped and looked at two houses.

“It was a bit amusing, but my daughter was outraged, saying: ‘How can they do that dad?’ I just said, ‘well, it’s a free country, darling’.”


“I wore a cap and sunglasses. That’s why I like masks, I can get away with looking at houses.”

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