The mystery of a random turkey spotted wandering around Watertown has been solved.

A short clip of the bird was reposted by the Bell Tower Times and captioned, “Watertown’s new school holiday security guard is formidable. Gobble, gobble.”

That’s pretty much as much info as many of us got and we were left wondering how on earth a turkey managed to end up in an inner-city shopping centre.

A quick call to Watertown’s centre management revealed that the turkey was meant to be there all along.

In fact, his name is Webber.

Turns out ol’ mate is part of the centre’s school holiday program, the Incredible Creatures animal farm.


The animals, which are predominately rescues, are owned by Nigel Spencer, who has a farm in York where he trains them to appear in movies and commercials – his ducks star in a handful of Lotterywest ads.

96FM was assured that Webber doesn’t like being too far from Mr Spencer and was only a couple of metres away from him at the time the video was shot.

You can go visit the animals, including big boy Webber, on the ground floor outside Jim Kidd at Watertown from Tuesdays to Fridays, 11am to 3pm.

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