In the coming weeks, the Morrison government will have a vaccination passport system in place to support the resumption of international travel, according to Trade Minister Dan Tehan.

Currently, vaccinated Australians can access a COVID-19 digital certificate through MyGov or the Express Plus Medicare app. Those needing proof of vaccination for overseas travel will soon have this linked to their passport chips, along with a smartphone compatible QR code.

Yet we all know seem to know someone who is freaking out about the whole idea.

“Vaccine passports for travel are nothing new,” Lisa said on Wednesday during a chat with the AMA WA head, Dr Mark Duncan-Smith.

“I remember having a little yellow one that folded out and you had to have shots if you were going to Singapore… even Bali.

“I don’t remember any of us thinking that the government was tracking us through our vaccine passport [back] then?”

Dr Duncan-Smith agreed, but lamented that there were people in the world who think the world is flat and some who think that solar panels drain the sun.


“…and there’s some people out there who are pro-disease. They like diseases. It’s odd.”

He also said that if we have a group that don’t want to get vaccinated, they will eventually get COVID-19.

“In America, COVID-19 has become the disease of the unvaccinated.”

With that in mind, Dr Duncan-Smith told Clairsy & Lisa why he wants to see them get it gradually.

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