Dunno what’s going on at Freo right now but they’re currently committing some crimes against fashion with their new hi-vis-and-camo shirts.

This shirt takes pattern clashing to another level by being both highly visible and camouflaged at the same time.

Before I noticed the purple camo material, I thought this was a short-sleeved hi-vis crop top. If you squint, like a Magic Eye poster, you can see what I mean.

The shirt, which goes up to a size 5XL, doesn’t seem to be a manufacturer error or a lone listing under ‘Halloween outfits’ at the Fremantle Dockers’ team store The Dock. When, at $80 and an ‘add to cart’ button, it seems to be the opposite of a mistake.

It has not gone unnoticed that the model has obscured his face.


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