While the temperature has well and truly dropped in Perth, it’s not hard to start lusting north… particularly to Broome.

I mean, while clocking average daily temps of 30 degrees, how could you not.

Now that Broome is back on the holiday agenda, we’re champing at the bit to send you and a friend there as part of 96FM’s Wander Your Way where you’ll get a choice of three amazing WA holidays – one of which includes flying up to the Cable Beach capital.

Not only will we set you up in a luxury villa at the world-famous Cable Beach Resort… with its very own private courtyard and plunge pool AND a five-hour spa treatment… we have a string of experiences that will knock your socks off!

We’re talking a seaplane tour of the incredible Horizontal Falls and a lunch and boat cruise at the famous Willie Creek Pearls, because this is Broome, baby.

Another thing on the agenda is a pearling masterclass.


This award-winning tour will show you the process of modern cultured pearl farming and you’ll discover what makes the perfect pearl and basically leave a pearling expert.

The masterclass begins with their state-of-the-art oyster spawn hatchery, then moves to their seeding and harvesting, before learning how to value pearls and the creations of some stunning jewellery.

If that doesn’t give you some epic dinner party conversation for years to come, we don’t know what will.

Ohhhh did we mention we’re throwing in $10,000?

All you need to do is just call us on 13 10 65 when we tell you & could be on the standby list to win!


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