In a possible case of having too much time on one’s hands, some genius has completely nerded-out over Mark McGowan’s lateness to pressers.

Titled ‘Waiting for Mark’, Redditor u/awhug used data from ABC News, YouTube and Facebook Livestreams across 39 press conferences to come to come to a couple of interesting conclusions.

  • His latest start was 32.4 minutes on April 28, 2021.
  • The probability that McGowan would start on time was roughly 10%

The big conclusion was that McGowan’s lateness was nine minutes with a median absolute deviation of 5.9 minutes… meaning, at the 9-minute mark, there was a 50/50 chance he would have already started.

There was a question if there was a correlation between lateness and bad news.

“Interested in this too!” u/awhug said.


“Not sure there’s quite enough data to say definitively, or how to quantify how bad the news was, but could look into it.”

U/awhug later added a personal note.

“Please note also that I’m really not trashing Mark here, just having some fun.”