A couple of Domino’s delivery vehicles from Northam, about a hundred clicks east of Perth, has been doing the rounds online, and the internet is straight-up loving it.

Not because they’re your typical little Yaris or Getz, but because they’re absolute rigs.

The last word in cultural observations of WA, the Bell Tower Times, posted the Toyota Hilux 4WDs on Thursday and, not gonna lie, we’re here for the comments.

“Poor blokes pizzas gone be f**king cold by the time they get up to 80”

“Dominos going the toy story route of delivery cars”

“Pizzas tied down on the tray”


“I’ll trade in the lancer now”

“This is peak delivery performance”

“Utter commitment to feed the avid pizza enthusiast”

“Getting the recognition they deserve”

“Pretty tough terrain in the pizza delivery business”