Reigning AFL Brownlow medallist Lachie Neale has committed to staying with the Brisbane Lions, admitting that his consideration of heading back to Fremantle got “out of hand”.

The bombshell turned into a media frenzy this week, and it all started with our Ryan Daniels.

“Brisbane had no idea this was coming,” Daniels told Clairsy & Lisa on Friday.

“It was an absolute blindsiding for them.”

The morning after Daniels broke the story, Neale was called in for an emergency meeting with Brisbane Lions’ management where he admitted that yes, he was considering it, and the club put out a statement saying just that.

“A couple of days later, he has some conversations and yesterday says, ‘no actually, I’m going to stay, I was looking at a move back to Fremantle but I am staying’,” Daniels said.

“Look, who knows what his thought process was this week but, for whatever reason, he is now saying he wants to stay at the Brisbane Lions but, I [can] tell you categorically, at the time of the weekend, this was happening.”


Neale was drafted to the Dockers in 2011, playing 135 games under coach Ross Lyon.

The 28-year-old admitted he and his family had spoken about leaving Brisbane, with WA’s border restrictions making the last 18 months difficult for his wife Jules, particularly with the couple expecting their first child in October.

“[She’s] got a lot of family and support networks and friends in WA,” Neale had said.

“Behind the scenes we had a couple of conversations about how that looked moving forward.”

Daniels also copped absolute heat over the story on Sunday night… including one messed-up anonymous phone call after he put his kids to bed…

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