The days are numbered for one of Perth’s true icons after the contract for the Bayswater train station upgrade was awarded.

While we welcome the $250m project, we are forced to say goodbye to the ‘Baysie Bridge’, the local legend that terrorised truck drivers who dared run its 3.8m high gauntlet.

Even the Metronet Instagram page devoted a montage to the beast, which was reposted to The Bell Tower Times, captioned, “A touching tribute from Metronet to the Baysie Bridge.”

But it was in the comments where you really got a sense of how Perth feels about the notorious crossing.

  • Look I am a long advocate for improving infrastructure on WAs roads, but you can’t upgrade the Baysie Bridge… it a part of Perth, if you want to get rid of dear Baysie, you are saying you want to tear down the Blue Boat House. Nothing has brought the people of Perth more than laughing at the latest antics of another scalp been taken.
  • This thing deserves an ARIA or something. Had so many hits there should be some recognition.
  • Vale Baysie Bridge <3
  • Anyone know a trucky willing to take one for the team and give her a fairwell [sic] nudge?
  • …there’ll be a mad rush just before it closes… who’ll be remembered as the last truckie to hit the Baysie bridge?



It’s understood the new bridge will have a roomy-as 4.8m clearance.

A sobering question remains, will just keep counting on forevermore, or be set to zero for the last time?

Botica’s Bunch also chimed in, with Lisa’s own love letter to the Baysie Bridge…

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