S’cuse me WA, but you really need to check your lotto tickets.

Firstly, someone is walking around having no idea they have won two goddamn million dollars after Saturday’s Superdraw.

The full draw was $20 million but the sole winning ticket for WA, which was one of 10 across Australia, was sold from Coolbellup Newsagency.

Thing is, there’s another winner, from April, who is being urged to come forward as time’s running out for them to claim their prize.

We’re talking $613,000.

The ticket, for an April Saturday Lotto draw, was sold at Willetton Newsagency in Riverton.

“We are encouraging people to check their wallets, car glove boxes or under that pile of bills in the study so we can meet them and give them the best treat of all,” Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney had said.


In WA, players have 12 months from the date of the draw to collect their prize.

This means that the April winning ticket-holder has just 6 months left to claim…