A mysterious benefactor on TikTok is dropping nominal amounts of cash around Perth, all in the name of just trying to help people out.

Over the past week, Tiktokker @moneytime100 has uploaded a series of short vids showing his followers exactly where he has hidden ~cash money~.

In a distorted voice, he introduces the videos with a brief location check (the first one was the carpark of the Galleria in Morley) before revealing a small container with the money – usually $50 – inside.

@moneytime100##voiceeffects ##money ##happybirthday ##enj #♬ original sound – do you see it $$$

Moneytime then shows you exactly where he’s leaving it to be found, the only catch being is that whoever finds it must ‘duet’ the video (recording you own TikTok alongside the original as it plays).

@moneytime100##voiceeffects ##money ##happ ##perth♬ original sound – do you see it $$$

“I’m not doing this for fame or anything,” Moneytime said in a recent post. “If I was doing it for fame I would’ve shown my face and told you who I am.”

He said he was doing the treasure hunts for people who need a bit of help, as well as having a bit of fun.

@moneytime100##voiceeffects ##happ ##perth

♬ original sound – do you see it $$$

“It’s legit, I own four businesses and it’s a way to have some fun and give back to the people.”

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