A notorious vegan activist has been tackled by farmers after climbing into a livestock ring and protesting at the Perth Royal Show.

Tash Peterson, whose previously targeted high-end stores, supermarkets, Bunnings sausage sizzles, restaurants and a children’s pony party, has added the Show to her list.

On Tuesday, Peterson posted a vid of herself climbing through a fence, entering a cattle ring and holding up a sign in front of families.

“These gentle and innocent beings are going to be brutally murdered and shot in the head. They’re just as gentle and loving as beloved dogs and cats,” she yelled.

In absolute scenes, she was bailed up by a farmer and turfed out.


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The Royal Agricultural Society of WA said she had potentially put herself, the crowd and the animals in danger.

“We have trained stewards within the ring who are caring for the safety of our volunteers, our members and the safety of the animals in the ring,” it said in a statement.

“RASWA is an apolitical organisation who respects that there are many views on multiple topics and respects the right for individuals to protest.

“However, when an individual places themselves in a position where they are not safe, are creating a potentially unsafe situation for others and for the animals, it is our duty of care to intervene swiftly.

“The person in question was removed from the ring as quickly as possible to minimise any potential threat to her own, and others safety.

“We live in a democratic society and there are ways in which to voice an opinion.


“Placing many people in harm’s way, including your own, is not a safe route.”


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