The West Australian government expects increasing pressure to ease coronavirus restrictions if new case numbers remain low.

Only two new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the state over the weekend, suggesting the disease was under control in WA, Health Minister Roger Cook said.

Eventual loosening of restrictions would be done in small steps to keep a stranglehold on outbreaks and measure the impact of such decisions, he said.

“I think we will come under increasing pressure given that we’ve got great numbers coming through – that’s a great problem to have,” Mr Cook told reporters on Sunday.

As the state’s health system prepares for a possible surge in cases during the winter peak flu season, the minister also announced a three-stage plan to increase ventilator capacity in public hospitals by more than 660 from a baseline of 111, including using private hospital assets.

The plan includes the purchase of an additional 301 ventilators, the first of which are due to arrive this month.

WA now has 545 cases in total, with about 40 per cent linked to cruise ships, while 426 people have recovered.


The German liner Artania set sail from Fremantle on Saturday with 400 crew and 11 passengers on board after being docked at the port for more than three weeks.

A charter flight carrying 58 other people from the vessel left Perth the following day.


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