While Mark McGowan joined Botica’s Bunch following a wrap-up of the week’s announcements… he let something slip.

Their chat included:

  • The $154m relief package to help renters, landlords and the construction industry
  • His suggestion that private school parents ask for refund over their approach to term two
  • The commemoration of our ANZACs with the candlelit driveway Dawn Service

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Towards the end, however, Lisa casually asked how he liked his ANZAC biscuit: “Are you team chewy or team crunchy?”

“I like it chewy,” he said.

“Oh, me too,” Lisa replied. “So glad to hear you’re normal.”


But Mark took it an unprompted step further.

“A crunchy ANZAC biscuit,” he remarked. “That’s un-Australian”

The Bunch laughed, but Mark remained firm.

“Anyone who eats crunchy ANZAC biscuits is un-Australian.”

Duly noted.

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