In case you missed it, the Premier made a great save on Monday after copping some expletive-ridden local praise in Rockingham… and we all inadvertently learned how to sign it.

In his public-holiday casuals, McGowan wasn’t far into his presser over the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions.

As usual, an AUSLAN interpreter signed along in the background.

The Prem paused a couple of times as the gutteral sounds of hotted-up cars drove past, to which the interpreter visually explained to the deaf and hard-of-hearing what was happening.

Moments later, a male passerby, presumably from a car window: “Woooh, Mark McGowan, I f**king love you, buddy!”

Without skipping a beat, the message was translated, along with some enthusiastic gestures.

“That’s not the sort of language you normally hear in Rockingham,” McGowan eventually said after a giggle.


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