It was the video that officially confirmed that the Easter Bunny had been granted a travel ‘eggs-emption’ over Easter.

And on Thursday, WA Premier Mark McGowan revealed what led to last week’s announcement after getting a letter from a 9-year-old Thornlie girl, Taylah, who was concerned about the Easter Bunny getting caught up in border restrictions.

“I had to do a serious investigation to find out if that was allowed and we made an exemption,” Mr McGowan said.

He admitted that while it was a nice thing to do, it actually led to more questions from kids.

“You know, like is the Easter Bunny a male or female,” he said. “I don’t know the answer to that question.”

McGowan then put it to Botica’s Bunch: “do you know?”


Lisa admitted she had no idea.

McGowan continued with a completely deadpan, “no one seems to know.”

Fred tried to steer the convo back to the fact that the Easter Bunny was considered an essential worker, but McGowan remained at the question at hand.

“I still think it’s an interesting question, if anyone knows the answer can they please write to me and I might do another video.”

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