After a bit of reminiscing over that guy who took a tank down St Georges Terrace in 1993, Clairsy & Lisa just came straight out with it with Premier Mark McGowan.

“People would like to know why you don’t just set a date now because that could help push people who are dawdling to get the jab, get the jab,” Lisa put to him.

And yeah, the message isn’t changing.

“We want to set the date when we know we’re pretty comfortable we’ll get to 90 per cent double-dose vaccination – we’ll know that when we get to 80 per cent vaccination, that’s when the health advice will have that trajectory that they can estimate it on, but it’s over a couple of weeks in late January/early February, so it’s gonna open then,” he said.

McGowan also told The Bunch where the state was currently at:

  • 82 per cent (over 12s, first dose)
  • 67 per cent (over 12s, double dose)

It’s projected that WA will hit 80 per cent double-dose in early December. This is when a reopening date will be set.


McGowan pointed out that the health modelling says that if we open at 80 per cent (as opposed to 90 per cent), 200 people will die.

“Basically [for] five weeks’ delay on flying to Sydney or Melbourne or Bali, we can save 200 lives, we can avoid all those restrictions that other states are putting in, and continue having the best health outcomes in the world.”

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