If the latest presser with WA Health Minister Roger Cook is anything to go by, I hazard a guess that some of us are a bit nervous about Phase 4 rolling out.

Coming into effect at 11.59pm tonight Phase 4 means a raft of simple freedoms, including being able to stand up at a pub with a beer, workout anytime at a 24-hour gym without it being staffed or hit the gaming floor at Crown.

On Friday, Mr Cook’s virus update for reporters took on an almost pep-talk vibe, to the point where we were pretty much given a primer on how to do normal things again.

Thing is, the questions got specific. We’re almost guessing that reporters were spinning the whole ‘asking for a friend’ line.

Ever the professional, Uncle Mr Cook answered questions on dating, dancing and… cheese platters.

On dating:

“If you’re meeting with someone that you don’t know well, you may want to get to know them. You need to treat dating like the easing of restrictions, you take small steps,” he said.


“You sit back and wait for the response and then you take another step, but please, let’s not dive in.”

(NGL, this is solid dating advice anyway)

On dancing:

“I can confidently predict that police won’t be out there tonight with a 1.5m ruler on the dancefloor making sure that people stay apart but we want people to be sensible.”

On cheese platters:

“You can share a cheese platter but perhaps this year you’ll use a fork and you’ll make sure you clean your hands before you have that meal, this is a really important part of continuing to make sure we do all the right things.”


For those planning to get a bit loose, Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said that Transperth’s late night services will be back in action from tonight when clubs are permitted to open at midnight (or, more specifically, 11.59pm).

“Those that still go to clubs, not me haha, but those that still go are very excited and I know a lot of nightclubs are promoting tonight as being a very big event so we wanted to make sure that we have our trains operating,” she said on Friday.

“Our late-night train services (will depart) Perth at approximately 1am and 2am along the major routes to make sure that people have a safe and an easy way to get back home.”

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