He’s been described as the evil lovechild of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey and, he’s back.

Reuben Kaye joined Clairsy & Lisa on Tuesday and holy smokes, straight outta the gate, he pushed his razor-sharp, naughty high-camp wit right to the edge.

He was in Brisbane when he called in, noting that it was similar to Perth where there were a lot of men around who worked FIFO.

“As you know, that’s the base of my food pyramid,” he remarked.

Kaye will be back in Perth for a string of dates of his brilliant, award-winning show The Butch Is Back and a special New Year’s Eve edition of The Kaye Hole at The Rechabite.

“If you don’t know what The Kaye Hole is, Google it but don’t do an image search,” he warned.

The Bunch barely caught their breath during this delightful (and borderline filthy) chat…


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