The pandemic hasn’t only been a boon for TikTok the company but also for the users who’ve published hit videos over the past few weeks.

But while some TikTokers have become ‘quarantine famous’ over their vids, sometimes it’s the simple ones that are the most deadpan hilarious.

One that we’ve been playing on repeat is one by Jayde Sarah.

The 22-year-old has been making the most of her quarantine time by low-key pranking her dad.

Thing is, you’ll recognise him.

Almost 32 years to the day, he was the very first person to ever appear on Channel 10 in Perth, singing the iconic ‘How Good Is Perth’ as the station kicked off the broadcast at 5.59pm on May 20, 1988.

And it seems Jayde won’t let him forget it, posting this pearler on April 29…

@jaydesarahThe death stare he gave me after this was everything 😂 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##perth ##aussie ##channel10 ##perthisok♬ original sound – jaydesarah

“The death stare he gave me after this was everything,” she captioned the vid, which at the time of publish had almost 900,000 views.

Then, just as her dad started speaking to her again, Jayde follows it up with another video that we just can’t get over.

@jaydesarahPart 2 to my last video is still in the works… dad has only just started speaking to me again 🙄 ##perth ##fyp ##foryoupage ##spinfx♬ original sound – jaydesarah


Check out the original Channel 10 opening broadcast vid up top!

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