We all make mistakes, but there are some that completely obliterate any attempt you’ve had at saving some cash.

Case and point, Kylie from Heathridge who had put the wrong fuel in her car.

“I filled up, a good $108 worth,” she recalled. It was when Kylie left the servo, on her way to grab some lunch, when the car began to do the dreaded bunny-hops.

Checking the receipt, Kylie realised her mistake.

“Sure enough, I had put premium unleaded – not normal unleaded – premium unleaded into a diesel car.”

Despite it being radio, you could hear Clairsy & Lisa wince.

Ohhh, but it got worse… Kylie then told them it cost $600 to get the petrol removed.


So, we opened the phones to find out what mistakes have absolutely kicked you in the hip pocket…

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