All week we’ve been able to watch the Premier’s press conferences during a daily live-to-air, unedited broadcast straight to our tellys or social feeds.

After the official message is made, journalists are then given an opportunity to ask questions – scenes that don’t usually make the final story you see on the nightly news.

During Thursday night’s presser, audiences got a real taste as to what kind of questions get thrown at politicians… also live and unedited.

Like this pearler, which is doing the rounds this morning…

“Common sense was the phrase used a lot last night,” Lisa said during a chat with McGowan following said presser. “It’s a shame the folks firing questions at you weren’t using much of it.”

She continued.


“My favourite was ‘what constitutes vigorous exercise?’ I mean, common sense, isn’t it?”

Another question from a journalist was if you’re in a restaurant and wearing a mask, how do you eat or drink? which also sent Lisa over the edge.

“I mean, if you’re going to be eating at a restaurant and you want to know how to eat with a mask on, you take it off for a second to eat then you put it back on, am I right?”

McGowan laughed as he 100% caught Lisa’s drift.

“Well, I couldn’t possibly comment on the questions of the journalists, they’re very fine and respectable enough people,” he said before turning the tables on her: “Aren’t you a journalist, Lisa?”

“Yeah, yeah,’ she replied, feebly.


“See?” he said. “Wonderful people.”

Listen to the chat here… 

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