Meet the bloke has made it his personal mission to photograph every single bus in Perth.

Squiddy, whose real name Ben Holmes, decided to start snapping Perth buses during a long commute on public transport.

“I started to notice all the different types of buses in Perth and created a spreadsheet to track them all,” his website states.

Squiddy, aka Ben Holmes. Image credit: Damian Smith, ABC Radio Perth

Not satisfied with just a spreadsheet, Squiddy set his sights further: to photograph every single bus in Perth.

“It’s a challenge as there are always new ones being delivered and old ones being retired, but I’m trying my best.”

And his best is pretty impressive.


In a recent interview with ABC, it was revealed that Squiddy could pretty much name any bus’s make, model, age AND the depot it usually belonged to, just it’s unique four-digit identifier number.

Transperth has also backed Squiddy’s project, saying it was a huge effort “considering a new bus is added to our fleet every 2.3 business days.”

The comments have been nothing short of uplifting:

“Great to see Transperth showcasing Ben’s achievements, but also endorsing his and other enthusiast’s passion for transport photography. These individuals are not out and about to cause mischief, just enjoy their hobby and give something for future generations to reflect upon.”

“Congratulations Ben, that is definitely a lot of time and dedication to take photos of every bus, keep up the good work!!”


“Well done, Ben! Glad to see you have managed to pull off your mammoth task! You are a credit to the bus enthusiast community!”

“How does he do this? I can’t tell one bus from another unless its a stretchy bus compared to a normal bus”

You can see Ben’s work here

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