A young Baldivis couple are WA’s newest millionaires after checking and rechecking (and rechecking) what their Lotto ticket was clearly showing – the correct numbers.

The couple, in their 30s, bought the million-dollar ticket at The Lucky Charm in Rockingham.

“I looked up the numbers online, when I got to the third line I thought ‘what the?’” the winner told the gang at Lotterywest.

They said they planned to pay off their mortgage and help extended family.

“This win is going to help a lot of families and Christmas is going to be different now, but in a good way.”

Thing is, at least they checked their ticket.

Not like another Lotto player whose still-unclaimed ticket, from Coolbellup Newsagency, is worth $2 million.



Also, this week we were reminded of another big winner who still hasn’t come forward after six months.

The ticket, for an April Saturday Lotto draw, was sold at Willetton Newsagency in Riverton and is worth $613,000.



“We are encouraging people to check their wallets, car glove boxes or under that pile of bills in the study so we can meet them and give them the best treat of all,” Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney had said.


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