The vaccine rollout has begun in WA, but we still had some questions.

By ‘we’, we mean Lisa.

Straight out of the gate on Wednesday, she was ready with her biggest ‘Vaccines For Dummies’ question. Her words, not mine.

“Just what is the difference between the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca? I’m hearing both these terms in equal parts and I’m confused,” she kicked off.

We were braced for a detailed rundown but then we remembered this was Dr Andrew Miller we were talking to.

“Well, you don’t need to worry because you’ll only get offered one,” the Australian Medical Association WA President said.

“Just make sure your details with Medicare are up to date so you get the call and take whatever they give you.”


Oh lol, Dr Miller, you’re so deadpan.

“You know, we might find out, in time, that one of them has the slight edge over the other but it’s a little bit like Ford and Toyota, they’re both very good.”

Dr Miller added that he liked the idea that we didn’t get a choice.

“Isn’t that better?” he said, “I prefer going to restaurants where they just tell you what you’re gonna have rather than having to choose.”

Lisa agreed, likening it to buying a toothbrush.

Dr Miller also commented on the conspiracy theory that Scott Morrison didn’t get a real jab and why the Perth media wasn’t allowed to film the first shots administered in WA.


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