The thing about Australian Medical Association WA president Andrew Miller is that if he has an opinion, he’s already telling it to you.

Wednesday was no different, when The Bunch had him on to give us the unsugar-coated latest on COVID.

Dr Miller was 100% dead set when he told The Bunch that the virus “is floating in the air”, something government advisors seem pretty contradictory about.

“The federal government advisors say [COVID] can’t travel in the air, and we’re saying that’s what happened in the Victorian hospitals, it’s what shut them down – that’s what’s going on in quarantine now,” Dr Miller said.

“Government is saying things like ‘it’s not travelling in the air’ but ‘don’t open two doors into the hallway at the same time’.”

Meanwhile, Lisa asked if there will be enough appropriate cold storage for the vaccinations, which are due to kick off in WA from February 22.

While they can live for a day or two in a normal fridge, the vaccinations need to be kept at -70C.


“At this stage the limiting factor is going to be supply of the actual liquid gold from Pfizer and they have to keep it in those super deep freezers so they’re gonna put one of those in the major hospitals around the state,” Dr Miller said.

But will we get enough cold storage installed in time for the vaccine rollout?

“Australia’s a country that was built on eskies,” he deadpanned.

“There’s no location in the country where you can’t find a cold beer when you need one.”

You can listen to the whole chat here, including the logistics of who’ll get the jab first…