Following the one case detected overnight, WA Health have put out an important request regarding a Joondalup gym.

They have asked that absolutely ANYONE who visited or worked at the Mobius Health and Performance at ANY time since Tuesday, June 22, to get tested immediately.

During the Premier’s presser on Wednesday, it was revealed that authorities were still trying to determine how a 37-year-old man contracted coronavirus.

“At this point it is too early to say exactly how he acquired the virus,” Mr McGowan had said.

There were two scenarios as to how he caught the virus, the premier said, and both involved Mobius.


McGowan said that the man was at the Mobius Health and Performance gym on June 22 in the same exposure period as another case.

He also went to the same gym on June 26 during the exposure period of a different case.

He was initially tested on Sunday, returning a negative result, but was tested a second time on Tuesday after developing symptoms.

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