A school in Sydney’s West is bursting at the seams and unable to accommodate the school’s population, including their bathroom needs.

Parramatta East Primary School has a total of 10 toilets for their 615 students.

“There are six toilets for the girls in this school. That is not good, it is not healthy, most of them can’t even wait long enough to get to the toilet,” mother-of-two, Marinda Thornton told 10 News.

The concerned mum revealed that her son has come home in clothes that he wasn’t sent to school in because “he just couldn’t wait long enough.”

She added, “He was very embarrassed.”

Due to repeated toilet accidents while waiting to use the restrooms, the eight-year-old now won’t tell the teacher.

“There are times when that’s happened and he hasn’t actually told anyone at school or told the teachers but he’ll come and tell me, ‘mummy I had an accident’,” Thornton told the publication.


A petition with 1,382 signatures has been sent to Parramatta State Liberal MP Geoff Lee calling for immediate action on fixing the 70-year-old school.

(Source: 10 News)