Today’s the day when non-gamblers head to their local newsagency having no idea how to buy a Powerball ticket.

But with $100 million up for grabs, we don’t care how much of a goose we look like.

By ‘we’, I mean me.

Anyway, tonight’s eye-watering Powerball prize is the second-biggest division one jackpot ever in Aussie lotto history and 1-in-3 of us are expected to snag a ticket.

And of those who don’t mind the occasional flutter, some really do have some kooky lucky charms… well beyond a rabbit’s foot.

“One player said they always carried their lucky numbers scribbled on a decade-old napkin, another had collected their cat’s whiskers after they fell out, while one lady told us she always kept a piece of ginger in her handbag,” The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said.

“Many admitted they’d never even think about leaving the house without their lucky charm and certainly wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket if they weren’t holding on to it.”


The record for Australia’s biggest individual lottery win was set in January this year when a Sydney woman took home $107,575,649 (and 8 cents).

Typically, the rush for tix is 1pm and between 5pm and 6pm (when entries close).

“For last week’s big Powerball draw, the peak of sales on the day was at 4.52pm when 3646 tickets were sold in-store and online in 60 seconds,” The Lott spokesperson Ally Ramsamy said.

Good luck everyone… particularly my lotto agent who will, again, groan loudly when I cluelessly say, “one Powerball game ticket please, John.”