A Yallingup tradie has spoken of how he rammed a car into trees to stop an alleged rock thrower along Bussell Highway on Saturday morning.

For about 26 kilometres, at least 18 cars were hit during the spree, which lasted about an hour.

Local plasterer Jarryd Foster was on his way to work on Saturday morning when his car was smashed by a giant rock, 7News reported.

“It wasn’t normal what was happening,” Mr Foster said.

It was then he risked his own life to put a stop to the rampage.

“Had an opportunity to take him out and I did and it went beyond plan,” Jarryd Foster told 7News.

“He did this huge 180 and, somehow, I ended up back in front of him so I put my foot down again and just ended up driving him into some trees.”


Mr Foster also detained the offender until police arrived.

“I hopped out with my hands in the air and was like ‘I’m innocent!’” he explained.

Witnesses told 7News they were “lucky to be alive” and it appeared that the main was aiming at people’s windscreens.

The man at the wheel has been arrested but no charges have been laid.