The WA Liberal candidate for Baldivis has quit after peddling a baseless COVID-19 conspiracy theory linking the virus to 5G towers.

Andrea Tokaji made the discredited claims in a blog post on conservative website Caldron Pool nine months ago, which has since resurfaced.

She also said in the post that the Spanish Flu of 1918 correlated with the introduction of radar equipment.

“This may be the evidence we have been overlooking,” she said.

“In a similar fashion, the 1968 pandemic, referred to as the Hong Kong flu coincided with the introduction of satellites in the Van Allen Belt, omitting radio-active frequencies on levels which our bodies have adverse reactions to.

“There is a current global roll-out of 5G towers and technology. So, based on historical, scientific and expert evidence, we have to ask: is there a correlation between the current roll-out of 5G technology and COVID-19?”

An excerpt of Ms Tokaji’s blog post.


Party leader Zak Kirkup has been quick to distance himself from Ms Tokaji’s misguided view, saying there is no politics in the fight against COVID-19.

“I absolutely do not endorse her published views and will not be distracted from the job of keeping Western Australians safe and putting forward our positive plan for the state.

“The first policy I announced as leader was to back the advice of the Chief Health Officer without hesitation and to make that advice public.

“I have acted to make sure there is absolutely no question about where we stand on COVID-19.”

The Liberals have until February 12 to find her replacement.





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