Mark McGowan has announced new protocols and standards relating to COVID-infected ships, including the authority to send them away.

The Premier said there were currently six ships on their way to WA that have been to COVID-ravaged Indonesia recently.

He outlined that that ships wanting to enter WA which have stopped at a higher risk jurisdiction — such as Indonesia — must have had no onshore crew visits.

Workers boarding ships at such higher-risk locations must wear appropriate PPE and those boarding from these ports will also need to return a negative test result.

The entire crew will have a rapid test conducted and evidence of negative result might be a precondition of entering WA waters.

McGowan added that all crew disembarking in WA from a high-risk location must be vaccinated.

“The risk posed by the Delta variant means we cannot rely on goodwill alone,” he said.


The measures were in effect immeditatly and were described as a “final warning” for the shipping industry after a string of COVID-infected ships had arrived in WA in recent weeks.