A man has been arrested after allegedly pointing a laser light at a police chopper.

The helicopter was flying over Huntingdale about 12.50am on Friday when it was struck by a laser light.

Canning Vale police were sent to the area where the chopper crew directed them to a residence on Clune Court in Huntingdale.

A 28-year-old man was arrested after a laser light was allegedly found hidden underneath a mattress.

A WA Police spokesperson said pointing a laser light at any aircraft is extremely dangerous.

“Laser lights can significantly impact on a pilot’s vision, and places the pilot and any other crew and passengers on board in immediate danger.

“Not only is it a dangerous and reckless act, it is a serious criminal offence and those responsible for such acts will be arrested and charged.


“In this particular incident police on the ground were quickly deployed to the location where the laser light was coming from, and the arrest was made without further incident.”