As the AFL looks to get its 2020 season underway once again on June 11, attention has turned to what restrictions will be placed on players.

Under the rules laid out by the AFL, players will be banned from having visitors in their homes or accommodation unless it’s a partner, friend or family member providing care.

However, rules around players’ intimate relationships has been a point of contention, with some players seeking clarification on what they can and cannot do.

While the AFL has not gone so far to rule out one night stands, players have been told that they could face repercussions if they are found to have acted irresponsibly.

Players have also reportedly been told that they could face penalties if they catch COVID-19 following a casual hook-up.

Away from the bedroom, players are also facing restrictions around what they are allowed to do when out in public.

Under the season restart rules, players will not be allowed to dine in cafes, bars or restaurants and limit their direct contact with the general public.


The AFL is expected to release the first phase of the shuffled 2020 season soon, with the details of the first five or six rounds to be released.

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