Aussie F1 superstar (and Duncraig lad) Daniel Ricciardo has proven just how much of a larrikin he is in a clip for the new Netflix documentary series, Drive to Survive.

Ricciardo featured in the first series which detailed his massive decision to move to Renault… and showed just how watchable he really is.

In the new series, Ricciardo was captured making a savage sledge in the streaming giant’s general direction: “Netflix are a real bunch of c**** aren’t they? I’d love them to play that.”

Thing is, it was picked up and tweeted out by Netflix UK and Ireland.

And while people might clutch their pearls at such an uncouth remark, Ricciardo later responded that the blue language was a term of endearment.


“Where I’m from this basically means you’re ok and I’m happy to spend more time with you,” he tweeted.

Here’s the full clip… and, yes, a language warning, k?

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