While Saturday’s ‘Western Derby’ practice match will be closed to the public the next one, just days later, will be free for members.

Ryan Daniels spilled the pre-season tea during Friday’s chat with Botica’s Bunch.

“If you’re an Eagles or Dockers member, you get free tickets,” he said of the March 7 fixture, which will be held at Optus Stadium.

“The AFL never really do this normally, but I think they’re trying to pay people back for what was a difficult year last year and a lot of people kept their money at the clubs.”

Thing is, you still have to register online, you can’t just rock up on the day and say, ‘I’m a member’.

“So it is free, but on Wednesday next week you’ll have to go register online and just let them know you’re going to come.”

Non-members haven’t been forgotten about either, if you’re not a member, tickets are just $20. Kids who are 15 and under are also free but you still have to register.


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Fremantle Dockers v West Coast Eagles, Sunday, March 7

Bounce down 4.10pm

How to register information here

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