“What an eventful week it’s been in the news.”

Was what Elliot Yeo said straight out of the gate on Wednesday, almost completely bypassing the fact that West Coast won their first match on the road this season.

“Yes, very good,” he exclaimed. “We played a very good game of football.”

While there were not one but two elephants in the room, there was really just one that had the AFL star champing at the bit.

One, of course, was Willie Rioli (click here for that story) but the other was *that* report.

It all kicked off on Monday, when Channel Seven’s Tom Browne reported that West Coast would consider trading out Yeo for Carlton star Patrick Cripps.

The idea being that trading Yeo, who has been dogged by a persistent groin injury, would free up enough salary cap space to sign Cripps.


Not long after the report, Elliot said he got a text from his cousin in Melbourne.

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