“Are you OK?”

Was the first thing that Clairsy asked West Coast’s Elliot Yeo on Wednesday morning after their third heavy loss in a row after their horror 10-point loss to last-placed North Melbourne on Monday night.

“I’m OK, but I hate losing, especially at home in front of our fans, it hurts that little bit more,” Yeo said.

Another person who we were worried about was whoever was on the end of an almighty spray from Yeo during the game.

“Yep, it was Gov,” Yeo said, referring to teammate and star defender Jeremy McGovern.

And yep, they’re good… now.

But earlier…


“We’re both extremely passionate players and we both want the best out of each other,” Yeo diplomatically said of the spray.

“There’s two ways you can look at it – a lot of people might think its demonstrative but others might think it’s great feedback. There’s two sides to everything.”

He continued.

“I feel that Gov’s probably one of those players that can take that kind of criticism and, look, we’ve both looked at it and moved on and we both realise that we need to get better.

“Oh, and he was 50m away.”

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