After making their self-proclaimed “bold” decision to get rid of their coach and chief executive, Fremantle now face a delicate scramble to get their house in order.

The Dockers dropped a bombshell on Tuesday when they sacked coach Ross Lyon and chief executive Steve Rosich.

The double-axing has left Fremantle somewhat in limbo ahead of a crucial trade and draft period.

Stars such as Brad Hill, Stephen Hill, Ed Langdon, and Luke Ryan are reportedly considering leaving the Dockers.

Fremantle president Dale Alcock has promised to cast the net far and wide to find the club’s next coach.

Steve Rosich, Dale Alcock


The Dockers can’t afford to drag their feet given the number of players who are thinking of leaving and the need to have a stable structure ahead of the AFL’s trade period, which beings on October 7.

But at the same time, Fremantle can’t rush into decisions either, especially considering that cleanouts of this size are so rare in the AFL world and they need to make the right calls.

Justin Longmuir is the early favourite to be appointed Fremantle’s next coach, while Peter Sumich, Brad Scott, Michael Voss, Scott Burns, and Robert Harvey are other contenders.

Peter Sumich


Michael Voss


“We will be casting the net as wide as possible over the coming months to find the right people … to join our club and set the course for the next 10 years,” Alcock said.

“I do want to be clear, no-one has been anointed to take over either of these two roles.

“This is absolutely about transforming our club, we need to act to ensure we are reinvigorated and re-energised to succeed in the future.

“Any change is disruptive. However, we need change now to set the foundation for the next 10 years.”

Lyon has no doubt success will come to Fremantle in the coming years.

“I think they’re really well positioned,” a gracious Lyon said at his departure press conference.


“Any players thinking about coming over – they’re a big strong club … and the flags will come.

“I leave not having achieved what I wanted, but I wish the club all the best, and I watch with interest.

“As I said to the players, I would (do) it again. The ride is worth the fall.”


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