“I didn’t even start it.”

Woah, woah, woah.

Without any prompting, Elliot Yeo was straight out of the gate with Clairsy & Lisa, of course referring to his display of argy-bargy during West Coast’s win over Carlton on Sunday.

“That’s what they all say,” Lisa replied before Yeo recalled what happened.

“I’m pretty sure I tackled Sam Walsh, he grabbed my jumper and all of a sudden I said ‘get off me!’ and, from that point on, I think I had three or four Carlton blokes on me and it was just an exchange of words and a bit of laughter.”

It was all just a bit of fun, apparently.

The conversation moved on with Lisa mentioning there was no ‘fading out’ with this match, something that had been dogging West Coast in the last couple of games.


“Must’ve been the bit of biff in the third quarter,” Yeo deadpanned, clearly wanting to talk more about the fracas.

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