He’s back for another year with The Bunch and far out – it’s not just us – even Eagle Elliot Yeo reckons this season has come around fast which is “great for fans.”

What was also great for fans was former North Melbourne player Wayne Carey’s tip that the Eagles were going to take the flag this year.

“Has he really?” Yeo exclaimed. “I wouldn’t have expected that.”

Yeo admitted that while the club doesn’t normally take in such early predictions, albeit flattering, there are crystal balls they do take note of.

“A couple of years back a journo reported that we were gonna be wooden spooners and we came out an won a flag.”

There was a bit to cover with Yeoy, one of the more pressing things was where he was at with his ongoing bone stress injury which he described as “not normal”.

“It’s not like a broken bone or, touch wood, a knee or anything, where they can give a certain time,” Yeo said.


“Mine goes on purely whenever you feel good.”

Because his particular injury has no timeframe, he said it was a case of assessing it “literally week to week.”

The other massive issue was that of the Eagles’ team photo day, and Yeoy spilled the tea on which player hogged the mirror…

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West Coast Eagles take on Gold Coast Suns in the round one clash at Optus Stadium this Sunday, March 21 at 3.10pm.



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