It was very nearly a case of Home Alone for the Freo Dockers last week after realising they had left star defender Alex Pearce behind while the team was already on their way to the airport.

David Mundy told Clairsy & Lisa that the Dockers were travelling on the bus in Melbourne, heading to the airport to catch a flight to Tassie.

Normally, their General Manager of Football Operations Joe Brierty was the team’s head checker, but he was home welcoming his third baby.

“Alex claims that the backlines coach Matthew Boyd ran a bit long and Alex had to run back to his room and get his bags or whatever,” Mundy said.

“He said that on his way down in the elevator, he thought ‘Oh, it’s OK, Tabs won’t be there yet’.”

Mundy explained that Tabs – Matthew Taberner – is the perennial ‘late guy’.

“Even when we’re lining up to run out onto the field, Nat stops, looks back and goes, ‘Have we got Tabs?’” Mundy said, “A hand goes up and that’s our cue to run out.”


Love it.

But back to Alex.

It wasn’t until the bus had well and truly left the hotel when someone realised something was wrong.

“We ended up circling the back streets of South Yarra and everyone’s like ‘what’s going on, what are we doing?’” Mundy said.

“We went back to the hotel and there’s this big curly-haired mane standing there waiting for us.


Mundy also added that Pearce was the second-best sleeper at the club.

“The best is Lachie Schultz – can nap as well as get a consistent 12 hours a night.”

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