It’s decision day for the AFL on whether Round 1 goes ahead… but former Fremantle Skipper Matthew Pavlich reckons it won’t.

“Only a week ago, the season was definitely starting… and now we’re 24 hours out from Round 1 and it’s still this great unknown,” Pav told Botica’s Bunch.

“My sense is that they will postpone the season.”

“I don’t have any hard or fast [evidence] or anyone telling me that’s exactly going to happen, but the longer this goes on,” he continued.

“The more sports and the more industries shut down, it just feels as though they’ll postpone it.”

He added that he thinks the AFL will try and get a season out later in the year.

“It just seems not right thing to do right now.”


Lisa queried Pav on his thoughts on when that postponement would kick off.

“I know they were desperate to start the season, try to squeeze the season in as many games as they could before, you know, [we were] shut down or a player or a player became ill,” he replied.

“So, I guess that’s why they were trying to race and get… in those first four fixtures.

“But my sense now is that…. if you look at the worldwide trends it takes about two or three months to kinda get this thing under control and get moving again.

“If you go by that basis, it’s probably Mayish or June that they might start a season.”

Meanwhile, Lisa had thoughts on the Perth Wildcats, who were smack-bang in the middle of the NBL Grand Final series against the Sydney Kings when it was abandoned.


“Is there even any question… I mean it became a 3-game series and the Wildcats are 2-1 – the Wildcats – ergo – are premiers,” she remarked.

“Well the fact that [Sydney] wouldn’t fly over the play the game means they’ve pulled out,” Fred added.

Pavlich reiterated that the NBL CEO said that two scenarios could play out, the first result is that the Wildcats win, the second being that there is no title – which Pav said didn’t seem right.

“Let’s hope the NBL comes to their senses.”

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