Off the back of Adelaide midfielder David Mackay being cleared of rough conduct by the AFL tribunal over the collision that left St Kilda’s Hunter Clark with a jaw broken in two places, Clairsy & Lisa learned exactly how significant the injury really is.

A jury of former players on Thursday night found Mackay was within his rights to contest the ball with Clark during last Saturday night’s match in Cairns.

To fully understand the injury the 22-year-old Clark copped, Ryan Daniels got Clairsy & Lisa to do a simple test.

“Take your finger and put it just below your ear,” he instructed.

“Just slowly go down around your jaw, feel the bottom of your jaw there?


“Keep coming around to your chin and go just below the chin.”

Then he dropped the clanger.

“That’s how big the break is in Hunter Clark’s face.”

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Mackay is now free to play in Adelaide’s next match, against Carlton on June 27.


Clark is expected to miss six to eight weeks of football after having surgery to the two fractures in his jaw.