WA footy fans, gird your loins… it looks like the 2020 Grand Final will be played in Queensland.

Ryan Daniels broke the news to Botica’s Bunch on Friday.

“They love their footy over there,” he said. “Just not AFL.”

Daniels said that the AFL had begun making accommodation and venue bookings in the sunshine state right up until the end of October.

“They’re putting plans in place because we know the MCG isn’t going to be able to do it now.”

“We’d love it to be here,” he added. “But if you’re the AFL and you’re looking at your short-term benefits and your long-term benefits, Queensland’s gonna pay more than we are, Mark McGowan said he doesn’t want to pay for it, we’re happy to host it, but we’re not gonna pay for it and I think most West Aussies are behind that.”

He said that not only was Queensland putting in the cash, it was a great opportunity for them to finally get a foothold in the state, something they’ve been trying to do for decades.


“That’s where it’s heading – the land of XXXX, pineapples, face tattoos and now the AFL Grand Final.”

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