West Coast champ Elliot Yeo has responded to some talk that he’s sniffing around Fremantle.

Low-key speculation swirled after it was suggested on Perth radio on Tuesday afternoon.

While it was enough to have Ryan Daniels immediately pour cold water over the report, we had to hear it from Yeo himself.

The midfielder joined The Bunch on the phone on Wednesday while quarantining from last week’s finals-ending heartbreaker at The Gabba.

“Yeah, wow,” Yeo said while trying to control his laughter.


Clairsy asked if someone was stirring the pot.

“Well, someone is,” Yeo replied. “Some idiot.”

Lisa remarked that Yeo might have his suspicions over who the comment came from.

“No comment,” he said.

“If it’s not coming from West Coast and if it’s not coming from me, then in this point in time, nothing’s happening… you can rest easy.”

Listen in to the full chat here…