The AFL has “cracked down hard” after several footy WAGs reportedly breached COVID protocols in Queensland.

It’s understood a handbook has been sent to about 140 wives, girlfriends and kids who are self-isolating ahead of joining players in hubs.

“The WAGs have been snagged,” Channel 7 Sports Reporter Ryan Daniels told Botica’s Bunch on Friday.

“There’s a lot of rules that these guys are under and they can’t do their normal stuff… but some of them have.”

One, associated with Carton, had apparently dropped their children off at their grandparents’ house, who happen to live in Queensland, before later learning they had been taken to a theme park.

“That’s a no, you can’t do that,” Daniels said.

“I was there for five weeks, I wanted to go to Sea World, I couldn’t go to Sea World.”


Another, associated with Richmond, went to a day spa, and an alleged breach of North Melbourne’s involved a group of partners that went a football match.

Both Richmond and Carlton are expected to cop fines of up to $50,000.

“The AFL’s cracking down hard,” Daniels said.

“They’ve basically said ‘this is not a holiday, you’re there out of necessity, we’ve done you a huge favour, pull ya heads in.”

Lisa was perplexed that girlfriends were even allowed.

“I’m surprised girlfriends can go,” she said. “A wife and kids I get.”


“There was a cut-off,” Ryan said.

“They had to be with them for a certain about of time.

“I’m not sure if it was a year or six months but you couldn’t just be a fresh DM slider.”

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The handbook’s foreword is reportedly written by Gillon McLachlan, providing an overview of what the HPC (High Performance Centre) is, but also what it isn’t.


“It’s not a family holiday experience with the ability to move freely in the community, it’s not an environment that replicates your normal home living arrangement, and it’s not the same liberties afforded to local communities as part of the state’s current covid restrictions even once,” Fox Footy reported.